Werewolf Survival Guide

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Werewolf survival guide by Leonidas, Obrimos disciple of the Adamantium Arrow.

Ok, I’m not exactly the warrior-poet type us Adamantium Arrows are painted as, so I’ll get straight to the point. You’re now in an awakened world, and there are things in this world you may wish didn’t exist. One of the most dangerous but rare encounters is with a werewolf. You may have some knowledge of the legends and myths about them, so this document is to help align what is myth and what is not to best assist you if you do encounter one.

First off, Werewolves are not human. This seems cold, this seems mean, but it’s true. Go ahead, read one of their auras with supernal vision. Glows like a torch, just like a spirit. They have more in common than spirits with man, even if they wear our form. Which mostly boils down to, don’t expect them to react like a normal person would! They are walking wolf spirits essentially, and are much more instinctual then they may appear.

Secondly, werewolves are powerful. In full wolfman form they’re massive, and even the weakest, most untrained fighter can prove competent enough to do damage. And few of them are untrained or weak. To make matters more fun they regenerate damage, and enter a beserk state that is nearly impossible to stop without resorting to overkill, something that can be quite hard to bear on them.

To make matters more fun, they seem to have their own magical talents. Including enchantments and spirit allies. While their ‘magic’ isn’t as powerful or potent as ours, it can come as quite a shock when they perform some sort of thaumaturgy. As an extra bonus, they don’t seem to cause paradox when they use them.

They are cursed with causing fear in their warforms. This can lead to some trouble if one does transform in public and you’re the only fool not running… so remember, if one does pop into beserk mode, you’re usually best running with the rest. And do try to be faster then someone else. Thankfully, this is pretty rare it seems.

The good news finally. First off, as our vampire hunters love to hear. Kill it with fire works, not as quick but just as brutal. Werewolves similarly seem to naturally resist magic directed at them, but also can have trouble regenerating some spells, especially if mana is dumped into it to make it more damaging. (aggravated damage)

And of course, silver does wonders as much as the movies show. But before you go silver coating all your bullets, you’ll find it’s not so easy. Silver bullets usually have to be hand made. They also are much more prone to damaging a gun, less accurate, and have a tendency to go straight through a target, lowering their damage. Their weakness to the material is usually worth while, but take those risks in mind. Although a touch more awkward, silver tipped arrows, bolts, and darts can prove easier to use, if not as long ranged and a more archaic skill. Enchanted weapons can sometimes affect a werewolf more adversely, but this varies somewhat… (weapons can be enchanted to deal damage to a were as aggravated as a ‘damage step’ with GM approval. Silver weapons use the rule of 1, which isn’t in the book, but goes as such: Every 1 REMOVES a success. More 1’s then successes, and you have a ‘dramatic failure’. typically though, this is just the gun taking a durability point of damage, though if it’s the last one the gun breaks. Yeah, silver bullets are dangerous to you and them =D )

Silver swords and other weapons can work too, if you really want to go toe to toe with ten feet of hulking beserk beast. We’ll wish you luck, but without some major mojo on your side, it’s typically a suicide wish. But hey, more power to you!

All of this goes without saying to be careful around them. One of them can and have taken on lower end cabals before. And they’re almost always in packs to boot. Thankfully, they can be reasoned with to some extant. Though they seem to have divisions and groups that may wish to rend first and talk later. Most however, will try some sort of parley first before they attack.

Now werewolves seem to have a use for hallows, and seem to quite dislike our use of them. They have a preoccupation with the spirit realm and it’s link to the material as well. Those who ‘abuse’ spirits by binding or forming spirit court pacts may find themselves at a werewolf’s fury. Though those who foster and care for spirits may find themselves having an easier time dealing with the shape shifters. Some strange things to keep in mind if you do have to deal with them.

Overall though, werewolves are rare in Boston. Most were kicked out of the city proper by mage cabals or vampire packs. There are a few who cling to the urban areas, but most have left for greener pastures in rural areas. And most still hold grudges for this too, leaving relationships to be strained to say the least.

Werewolf Survival Guide

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