GM Inspiration

So here’s a fun page of goals, ideas, and inspiration I’ll be using…

I’m hoping ot make a sandbox style game setting, where the players will be the ones plotting what and where to take the game, and I just GM and run NPCs. Of course, I’ll have my own plots running in the background, and make sure plenty of them collide into the player’s plots in a thirty Xanatos pileup.

As for inspirations, lessee. Not a huge movie and TV show person. So not sure if I can quote any major inspirations. But I’d love to hear suggestions. As for books. Two Words. Steven King. Oh yeah… >.> Shadowrun and Jags: Wonderland are some RPGs I may borrow and rip ideas from. Mercedes Lackey’s ‘Diana Tregarde’ series is a big inspiration of modern magic as well. And good ol HP Lovecraft. Can’t forget him.

As for music, I tend for more urban and some really esoteric pieces to get me going. Hive is a band I need to get some more music from to use. Rob Dougan’s instrumentals are nice, especially Clubbed to Death and Clubbed to Death 2. For the more silly, Abracadabra from Steve Miller band (seriously) and Synchronicity 2 by the Police. I can be a little literal with some songs =D

I’m a huge TV tropes fan, so will occasionally sprinkle those in. Go check it out sometime! About all I can think of for now, I’m a bit heavy handed as a GM plotting wise, but really loose rules wise. Much more fun to let things happen and enjoy the game then let the rules bog things down. I Hope you have fun!

GM Inspiration

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