Boston Unraveled

Session... 5?

so it’s been about a month and a half and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a game going since. With additional RL stress, as well as a bit of guilt from not working on this much, this project has mostly just left me moody and down every Monday it rolls around. For now I’d like to put it on hiatus so I can work on other writing projects and let RL stress simmer down some, for at least to the first week of May. I will see about fleshing out this site some more, updating the Wiki, and making a real first run instead of converting a shadowrun adventure around as the test run. I’d still like to run a ‘test run’, that lets everyone go wild without worrying about running out of ammo, so to speak. And let everyone decide if they’re quite happy with their characters before it’s locked in.

SO sorry about putting this on hiatus, but as I said, this has mostly just left me frustrated and guilty feeling this last month. Part of the problem being I can’t take my computer in to work anymore, so working on this got a bit harder. So it’s been hard for me to keep this ‘on top’ and fresh.

Well, I’ll see what I can do in the meantime, and will try to keep in touch, if people want to chat on mondays, I’ll be around still online.



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