Boston Unraveled

Session... 5?

so it’s been about a month and a half and unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a game going since. With additional RL stress, as well as a bit of guilt from not working on this much, this project has mostly just left me moody and down every Monday it rolls around. For now I’d like to put it on hiatus so I can work on other writing projects and let RL stress simmer down some, for at least to the first week of May. I will see about fleshing out this site some more, updating the Wiki, and making a real first run instead of converting a shadowrun adventure around as the test run. I’d still like to run a ‘test run’, that lets everyone go wild without worrying about running out of ammo, so to speak. And let everyone decide if they’re quite happy with their characters before it’s locked in.

SO sorry about putting this on hiatus, but as I said, this has mostly just left me frustrated and guilty feeling this last month. Part of the problem being I can’t take my computer in to work anymore, so working on this got a bit harder. So it’s been hard for me to keep this ‘on top’ and fresh.

Well, I’ll see what I can do in the meantime, and will try to keep in touch, if people want to chat on mondays, I’ll be around still online.

Session 4: The Setup

so I’ll see about making this a little better, but here’s the quick recap.

The cabal is hired on by a mage going by Brutus, who wishes to get a case of information he has on a cabal claiming to be ‘the asylum’. seems ol’ brutus here has a plan, and had moved the case into a lab they use sporadically. Knowing that it connected to an old service tunnel. He wants the group to go in, use a imbued can of ‘wall-ease’ with the Plasticine spell to get into the building, nab the case, and then put the wall back together. Simple enough, he even says there will be a distraction to keep security away, no one should be the wiser…

Session 3: Bosco's guns, liquor, baby needs!
I hope those punks learned a valuable lesson. 'I learned a valuable lesson too Sam.' What's that Max? 'I never knew the lower lip could be stretched over one's head! Amazing!'

So the combat test scenario from Shadowrun was run. Didn’t turn into the shootout fest that those games end, but was quite amusing! So as a quick summary…

Four gangers busted into a late night convenience store, trying to get some convenient cash. Unfortunately those meddling PCs were there to give them hell.

The leader, a ratty guy with stringy hair and a torn jacket found himself given quite a headache, then after taking the cashier hostage, wondering why his gun was rusting apart from Animi’s spell. He decided in anger to try to shoot Tom-Tom anyways, after getting shot himself by Tom-Tom, bad mistake. Gun go boom, leaving him running like a little girl in the end.

A crazed bat wielding goon behind him scored an incredible 22 init roll for being a mook . But mostly was threatening the wrong people. After scoring a can of pringles to the face, he was treated to Tom-Tom’s pistol between the eyes. He decided perhaps, ya know, he should check other job prospects.

A crazy kung fu girl did just about nothing, nimbly dodging the tidal wave of cans from Animi’s Decay spell on a shelf early in the show down. Otherwise she talked tough, but with guns exploding and shelves falling over and all kinds of weird shit, and more than one guy and gal with a gun, she was sick of this craziness.

The loony short skirt and long knife wielding bimbo ended up most threatening, getting in a crazed duel with Tefnut. Both traded a wound each before Cammy’s good ol’ MIND CRUSH stopped that mook in a hurry. Somehow she waded a sea of cans with high heels, anger does inspire you apparently.

And thus tests for paradox, gunfire, and wackiness ensued. The sea of cans was parted… er wait, no, they just got kicked around more. Bosco was… thankful, but decided you guys should go before your bad luck causes the store to collapse or something. Seriously, he thinks you guys are probably bad luck now =D

And it’s all non canon! So no wounds stay or other uses of equipment. Characters are free to adjust their spread of stats as well, and also get 1 XP! So Tom-Tom can know Spanish now, crazy!

Next week!

I have an official ‘first run’ test adventure! Long term Shadowrunners may or may not recognize it, but I’ll be perverting it all I can. Current idea: Animi wants to setup the sanctum as a warehouse near the ocean as I recall… well, I’m sure there’s this Free Council guy with the perfect spot… he just has a really, simple little errand he needs you to run first…

Next session is semi-canon. Bad things don’t stay. if it all goes awry it’s, just a dream. Otherwise it’s sort of the ‘noodle incident’ of the party, may be their first team working together. Otherwise, if you see me before hand and have rules questions, ask ‘em! I was a bit tired, so I did goof a few rules, mostly involving ‘resolve’ like stats. Think Tefnut should have had another dice on her last attack, as crazy bimbo should have had no defense. Forgot to add resist stat to one dice pool.

The big question: For the most part, did combat make sense, and everyone had a rough idea of what was where. I know map-less combat is a touch more confusing, but lets everyone be a bit more loose and open in actions, and is one less thing for me to worry about, letting me just concentrate on describing the crazy antics.

Session 2: Character Jam

Woo! Another game done… ok ok, calling it a game might be a stretch… but, everyone looks done or just about done. we’ve got most of the sanctum statted out. We’ll need to ponder cabal names and location of the sanctum and all that jazz…

So! My goal next game is to run a game! I’ll be running a one shot adventure to let everyone try out the game/their characters and let you freely fine tune and change up stuff afterwards. After that session, your character is locked in and you can begin upgrading with XP. I’ll be concentrating primarily on getting this going. I’ll also be trying to fluff up and detail out the adventure seeds I have for the main campaign.

As a word of warning, I tend towards not running neat, encased story arcs, but instead you may have a pile of quests to work on, as well as several different arcs going on. I try to limit it to 1d6 arcs + 1 ‘twist’ or even ‘red herring’ that may come up time to time. Eg, after exploring the Cave of the Unknown while trying to find the Unguent of Pungent to use to cure the Rock Lobster curse, only to come out and get waylaid by a pack of crazy motorcycle motorcycle gangers when driving back home.

I’ll try to help with note taking on here with NPC and adventure write ups and topics, and encourage everyone to add to the Wiki and info stored here.

Session 1: Startup blues
Well, we got enough players ^^ so hopefully the next ones will be more exciting

So the first game came and went, and I think everyone has what they need to get ready for next week. Tell me if you need anything more ^^. Since nothing really happened, I’m going to use this to plant some adventure seeds. With some watering and love we should get some good adventures to harvest later, and let your characters lead the plotting.

First off is of course, The Event. Something happened that cold December night, and no one is sure what. So here is what is known: Several very powerful mages were killed quite violently. There seems to be hints of flayed, clawed, perhaps even bitten flesh. There’s a very powerful residue of spirit magic. And the gauntlet was found torn open. The only other strangeness is that there are a lot of rat spirits about…

This has caused mage politics to quickly lose their balance. the Major Cabals and Mage Orders are quickly moving to exploit this sudden change in the balance of power. Even some of the Minor Cabals are trying to move up in the hierarchy of power.

There are also rumors of Werewolves growing more cold towards mages. There are stories of them breaking off contact, whispers of ties being broken, and some saying they’ve gotten cryptic warnings from their werewolf contacts. Being as werewolves have had a century long grudge against the mages of Boston though, a lot of this is taken with a grain of salt.

Vampires in the area have not shown to be responding too much. But there have been comments of several groups taking interest in what’s happening, and that their spies and hanger-ons have come out of the woodwork to watch how the mages deal with this crisis.

(As for other things, like changelings, prometheans, hunters, infernals, shapeshifters, and awakened squirrels and whatever White Wolf throws in here, we’re not concentrating too heavily on right now…)


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