Welcome to Boston Unraveled, my attempt at running a Mage: The Awakened game online. This will be run on Tapestries MUCK on Mondays, 5-9 PM PST. We’ll be starting out weekly and see how that works from there, if too much work it may move to a bi-weekly schedule.

So onto the game basics idea. The current chronicle idea is obviously Boston Unraveled. It starts out the same as the fluff given in the main Mage: The awakening book. However, the major change is what sets up the adventures to come.

On a cold night on December 12, The Nemean set out with several other members of the Ebon Noose Cabal and White Putnams cabal to explore some mysterious rumours at the Big Dig. Something happened in that darkness however. No one is quite sure what happened during The Event but it was bad. The Nemean was killed, along with several members of each cabal. One survivor crawled back to the Emerald Scroll, badly wounded, barely making it in by Christmas morning. The Free Council who run the Emerald Scroll initially tried to keep it a secret, but the rumors and tales quickly spread.

The game starts on that cold December day, as rumors spread quickly through the large mage community in Boston. And the question on everyone’s mind is. Who or what did this. Of course the rumors and allegations will quickly be flying. The Seers of the Throne of course get the most blame, though there are dark whispers, something about the Secret Concord being broken…

Meanwhile, with no major leading cabal in Boston, the Major Cabals and Mage Orders are soon looking to jockey for position in whatever ways they can…

General helpfulness: We’ll be using THIS PAGE for dice rolling.

And the GM Inspiration and ideas of what I’m aiming for.

Boston Unraveled

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